Whilst in isolation Gizmo thought he would launch his modelling career and give you a personal tour of his favourite destinations. 

Gizmo has come to realise his Androgynous look gives him an advantage to model both male and female attire. He gets paid with cuddles, treats, tummy rubs and cuddly toys. He thinks it's the best job in the world and thrives on the attention.

He has an ego and refuses to get out of bed for less than 10,000 treats! Sometimes he's a Diva storming off a photo-shoot causing chaos as he goes to hide under the bed. Other days he jumps into the shoot with high energy and his undershot jaw SMILE!

Gizmo knows how to work his angles beautifully, showing off his best features and smizes for the camera! I think he is New Zealand's 'Next Top Dogel'.

Check out Gizmo's travel Blogs below. If you've missed some of the countries. Check all of the Blogs out on your phone!

To create these images with Gizmo, I have used items from around the house: artwork, clothing, festive holiday decorations, event management co-ordination [there is a bit of planning that goes into a photoshoot!] and a bit of imagination!

My HP Printer has come in handy to create a clerical collar, a Pope's hat and a befitting Tiara for Hilary Barry! The essential isolation supplies such as beverages, Whittakers chocolate and Vogels bread were deemed necessities! Last but not least my well used Samsung Galaxy S8...where would be without our phones!

Halo thought it would be a fun way to promote New Zealand companies whilst under lockdown.

Day 27: Aotearoa

After all this travel, there really is no place like home.New Zealanders are the luckiest people in the world... we have it all in one little country. That's why we call it Godzone. Did you knowRead more

Day 26: Nigella

Hello Chocolate Lovers...It has become apparent to me, due to the absence of flour at the supermarket, New Zealanders have become a nation of master bakers! Are you are newly awakened 'Domestic GoddRead more

Day 25: Beauty Sleep

Ever had one of those days where you just want to kick around in your PJ's all day and realise you don't like wearing them? You know that feeling it's liberating once you go oh natural... and at theRead more

Day 24: Vogels & Jeremy

I don't know about you, but as a fair dinkum Kiwi...I live for my Vogels! It's my GO TO brekkie...and of course we all know the number 1 reason Australians want to come to New Zealand is for theRead more

Day 23: Hilary Barry

Today is #formalfriday - only a bit of 'news cleave' in this post. I'm thinking of Barbara's best interests, as my boobs are currently under lockdown. I can say boobs in front of children can't I,Read more

Day 22: Australia

G'day mate as our neighbours across the ditch would say in Australia! COOL FACTS ABOUT AUSTRALIA Australia is the world's 6th largest country by area!The Australian Alps get more snow than theRead more

Day 21: China

Nǐ hǎo 你好 - I'm in China today...did you know more than 1 billion people live in China! That's a lot of Chinese takeaways! FACTS ABOUT CHINA Chinese New Year lasts for 15 days – that’sRead more

Day 20: Scotland

Hou's aw wi ye? I'm in Scotland, the home of my ancestors! Scotland is part of the United Kingdom along with England, Wales and Northern Ireland. FUN FACTS What do you know about Scotland?   ScRead more

Day 19: England

Good Afternoon - I’m feeling very regal having just had cucumber sandwiches and a cuppa with Queen Elizabeth II OR as I call her Liz! FUN FACTS Liz turned 93 on 21st April! Amazing huh… andRead more

Day 18: Easter Sunday

Happy Easter everyone from my Bubble to yours. Stay Safe - Stay Home & Stay Good! WHO IS THE POPE The Pope is the head of the Catholic Church for the Whole World. There are many other faithsRead more

Day 17: Easter Saturday

I’m quite busy today getting prepared for Easter? What are you doing for Easter? The Big New Zealand Easter Hunt - colour in the Easter Egg from Jacinda Ardern then email your ‘masterpiece’Read more

Day 16: Boxing Day

Ok so today I thought I would get my heart rate up and master my Boxing. What exercise do you like to do when you're at home? 9 Min Exercise for Kids Dancing is a FUN way to exercise! Give it aRead more

Week 1



People have asked what package I use to create these images. No tricks here, just my phone!... I have to be fast though - as Gizmo can do a 'Houdini' and disappear under the bed! He now realises he gets a treat for his hard work!

Week 2



Gizmo's journey is created with items around the house e.g. art collected and curios collected on my travels, a 'Trelise Cooper' bag, items of clothing, however a printer came in handy to print off a 'clerical collar'!

Week 3

Mexico | Boxing Day | Easter Saturday | Pope's Message | High Tea with Liz | Scotland | China


Did you know that DOG was GOD spelt backwards!

Week 4

Australia | Cooking with Hilary Barry | Eating Vogels with Jeremy Wells | Beauty Sleep | Nigella

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