Day 25: Beauty Sleep

Ever had one of those days where you just want to kick around in your PJ's all day and realise you don't like wearing them? You know that feeling it's liberating once you go oh natural... and at the moment you can't get caught out by the neighbours!

Ever jumped into bed, snuggled down and realised you haven't cleaned your teeth? Mmmm nothing worse than that furrrry feeling! At least I keep smiling!

Do you find that the bed can get overcrowded?
Struggling to get to sleep and the kids are as well?

Here's a few ideas...OH and something for the adults as well
Difficulty with the Kid's Sleep at the mo...

Animated Bedtime Story for Children with Sleepy Animals

Bedtime Lullabys

6 hours of Disney Lullabys Aladdin, Moana, Frozen & More!

Mozart Bedtime Music for Kids

If all else fails - I believe a stiff whisky should do the trick! Purely for medicinal purposes! That's for yourself...not the kids!



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