Day 21: China

Nǐ hǎo 你好 - I'm in China today...did you know more than 1 billion people live in China! That's a lot of Chinese takeaways!


  • Chinese New Year lasts for 15 days – that’s one long party!
  • They have two official languages Chinese and Mandarin. Mandarin is a language as well as a fruit!
  • In China, every year is represented by one of 12 animals - this year 2020 is the year of the Rat!
  • About 35 million people live in caves! Caves are cheaper to build, easier to warm in winter and keep cool in summer. You can stay in a Cave on a visit to China – how cool would that be!
  • The Chinese invented many things including paper, printing, kites and umbrellas as well as lots of other things.

What do you know about China?

  • Did you know that all of China’s railway lines could loop around the world twice!
  • When a bride gets married in China, they often wear RED as it is a lucky colour.
  • Hong Kong which is region in China has more skyscrapers than other city in the world

NEW WORD: Skyscraper – a very tall building

In China they have an incredible wall built over 2,000 years ago! It's called the Great Wall of Chinaand it is over 6,000 km or 3,700 miles! The mortar OR paste used to make the stones stick together in the wall was made of sticky rice!


  • An Emperor from many years ago obviously liked ice-cream as he had 94 men called ‘ice-men’ to make him ice-cream! You can even find green-bean flavoured ice-pops in China!
    What is your favourite ice-cream?

  • Chopsticks were used for cooking not eating – they were designed over 5,000 years ago!
    Have you eaten Chinese Food?
    There are so many dishes to try: sweet and sour pork, wonton soup, dumplings spring rolls. My favourite is Peking Duck! I also like to chase Ducks... but only when mum isn't watching!


  • Chinese White dolphins are often Pink!
  • Half of all pigs on earth live in China!
  • In China they have Pandas which are like Bears, they look cute and cuddly and are coloured black and white. They are born blind, deaf and without any hair! They are also born really really tiny - about 1 900th the size of his mother! That's teeny tiny, itsy bitsy!
  • Pandas can eat bamboo which is their favourite food for up to 12 hrs a day! That would be one full belly!
  • China has incredible Mountain Ranges called the Himalayas. 1/3 of China’s land is made up of mountains.
  • The Tallest mountain on Earth, Mount Everest, sits on the border between China and Nepal. A New Zealander called Sir Edmund Hilary was the first climber to reach the top of Mount Everest with his Sherpa mountaineer Tenzing Norgay. The top of the mountain was 29,028 ft high!


Zàijiàn [Goodbye in Chinese]



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