Day 20: Scotland

Hou's aw wi ye? I'm in Scotland, the home of my ancestors! Scotland is part of the United Kingdom along with England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

What do you know about Scotland?   Scotland for Kids

  • Have you heard of the Bagpipe? The bagpipe is a musical instrument that somehow uses reeds, pipes, and a bag full of air to create a sound that everyone knows comes from Scotland!

  • KILTS: The Kilt is a mysterious and exciting piece of clothing. It has been around since the 16th century and is a skirt for a man! Scottish men have no problem wearing a skirt because, well, they’re Scottish,


  • Many of Scotland's famous inventions - kilts, tartans and bagpipes were actually discovered in different places. I’ve got Scottish roots, in fact I’m wearing the tartan of my family! I still believe all the good things from Scotland including a good strong Whiskey! We’ll learn about that later… in another 15-20 years time!
  • Scotland has over 700 islands
  • The highest mountain in Scotland is Ben Nevis which is 1344 metres or 4409 feet


In Scotland you can find otters, salmon, trout and red squirrels! In the mountains you could spot a red deer or mountain hare in the islands you could find seals, golden eagles and a seabird called a Puffin! Find out some fun Puffin Facts.

The Puffin Rock - A Day Out

Have you heard about the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland? It's a lovable sea dinosaur that popped up in 1933… she is quite tame is called Nessie! I would love to see you draw Nessie… she has a long neck like a giraffe but also looks like a dinosaur!


  • Have you got your dancing shoes on today? Watch these young Scottish Dancers. See if you can dance like them!

  • Did you hear the music in the background? That is an instrument called the bagpipe..watch this 7 year old playing the bagpipe.


  • Tartan duck from the Design Store
  • Tartan smock...authentic McNaughten tartan from Scotland
  • Gizmo groomed by Jana at Shaggy D'Tails in Devonport


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