Day 19: England

Good Afternoon - I’m feeling very regal having just had cucumber sandwiches and a cuppa with Queen Elizabeth II OR as I call her Liz!


  • Liz turned 93 on 21st April! Amazing huh… and she still works. She works more than her children, especially that Prince Andrew…he’s a scallywag!
  • Liz actually celebrates her birthday twice! On her actual Birthday then again when the weather is better! I quite like that idea! When is your Birthday?
  • Liz was crowned the Queen on 2 June 1953… that’s a long time ago… 68 years in total this coming June!
  • 20 million people watched Liz being crowned…that was a long time before she appeared on Netflix!


Liz told me she used to have Corgis, she has had 30 of them! That's a lot of 'Royal Poo Bags!'
I told Liz she should get a Shitzhu next time! We are much better looking, highly intelligent and I would keep her 'Royal Tootsies' warm at night! 

  • Liz invented a breed of Dog called the ‘Dorgi That’s a cross between a Corgi and a Dachshund!

  • Liz has 2 Dorgis
    • 1 called Vulcan (The Queen is obviously a Star Trek fan) and 
    • Candy.. (I knew Liz would have a sweet tooth!)

  • Liz owns an elephant, 2x giant turtles, a jaguar and a pair of sloths!
    These were gifts… they all live in the London Zoo.
    Do you have any Pets?


  • Liz is the only person in the UK allowed to drive without a licence.
    I wish she would tell a few people on the road here in NZ not to drive!
  • I must get some tips from Liz as she is a bit of a social media guru sending her first email in 1976 and her first Instagram post in 2019!
  • Liz loves her hobbies – horse-riding, pigeon racing, and football - she follows Arsenal!
  • Liz has sent over 50,000 Christmas Cards – that’s a lot of envelope licking!

Check out the Queen OR Liz with James Bond!

Oh I forgot to tell you, like any Queen, Liz has a Castle. It’s called Balmoral Castle, she owns another place called Sandringham House…it’s in Sandringham and…well it’s a house!

She does have some holiday homes - 6 in total! They are a bit like baches in New Zealand but a bit bigger!

  • The Headquarters: Buckingham Palace
  • The Country Home: Windsor Castle
  • The Scottish Residence: Holyrood Palace
  • The Summer Home: Balmoral Castle
  • The Holiday Home: Sandringham Estate
  • The Irish Residence: Hillsborough Castle

A Kid explains History...

I'm ready for another cuppa of Rosie Lee! That's tea in Rhyming Cockney... I asked Liz if she wanted to join me at the Rub-A-Dub (Pub)... but she politely advised me she was washing her hair! I think she is doing a Blue Rinse.

Cheerio - Toodle-pip



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