Day 14: Fiji

Greetings from Fiji OR as they say Bula. Did you know that there are 330 islands in Fiji and 500 small islands called islets! How cool is that. 


  • Fiji is tropical, with white sandy beaches, beautiful islands, coral reefs and tropical weather. It is a fabulous place to chill out and have a holiday.
  • The main language is Fijian but English and Fijian Hindi is spoken
  • Fiji has 1500+ species or types of sea life! That's a lot of sea life!

NEW WORD: Coral Reef - is a large underwater structure made of dead and living corals. It’s like an underwater flower garden!


  • There are all sorts of things to do in Fiji from swimming, snorkelling, surfing, kayaking, zip-line through the trees, hiking and Frog Racing!

Children of Fiji

Fijian Children Singing & Dancing

moce (moe-they) - [Goodbye in Fjian]


  • Gizmo groomed by Jana at Shaggy D'Tails in Devonport
  • Flowers from Redcurrent
  • Artwork by Winton Wilks
  • Sarong handcrafted in Fiji


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