Day 13: Bolivia

Buenas Tardes which is Spanish for Good Afternoon! Today I’m in Bolivia. Bolivia is a country in South America. It shares its borders with Argentina, Chile, Peru, Brazil and Paraguay. That's a lot of CLOSE neighbours! 


  • Bolivia has the highest capital in the world called La Paz which is 3,500m above sea level! That's pretty HIGH up there! When you arrive at the airport they have an oxygen room!
  • Bolivia has the highest lake called Lake Titicaca - it shares a border with Peru

On Lake Titicaca are floating Islands where over 500 people live!

  • There are 5055 footprints from at least 8 different species of dinosaurs in Bolivia - how cool is that!
  • Soccer is the national sport in Bolivia
  • You can mine Silver in Bolivia in a town called Potosi, you can give gifts to the miners. I gave them some cigarettes, coca leaves and dynamite!
  • Bolivia produces organic cocoa. Cocoa has been made since the Inca era which was a very long time ago sometime in the 13th century around 1438... we are now in 2020! So try and do the math!

[BIG PERSON] Bolivians eat coca [not to be confused with cocoa] to combat the effects of altitude sickness. Coca is the raw form of cocaine! They often munch on it in the Silver Mines so they don't feel sick!


  • In Bolivia, there are jaguars, pumas, capybaras, chinchillas and the Andean flamingo's.
  • Dolphins in the Amazon are pink!

Flamingo Chick at Auckland Zoo

Pink Flamingos Dancing to Michael Jackson - show your best dance moves!

Adios - [Goodbye in Spanish]



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