Day 12: Turkey

Selam greetings from Turkey! Turkey Is an ancient country that has been settled for more than 8,000 years!...That's a long time!

  • Turkey has Roman ruins, huge cathedrals, and castles from the days of the knights and Crusaders. It is like stepping back in time - it's a really cool country!
  • The largest city, Istanbul, used to be known as Constantinople! This beautiful, old city lies in both Europe and Asia.

16 Facts on Turkey

SONG: Fun song about Istanbul 


  • There are over 81 million people in Turkey! In New Zealand we have 4.8 million people
  • Most people in Turkey are Muslim. We have many Muslims living in New Zealand in fact 1% of the population in New Zealand are Muslim
  • Santa Claus OR St. Nicholas was born in Turkey in a place called “Patara”
  • Turkey's DO NOT come from Turkey! Gobble Gobble Gobble!
  • Turkey has 'National Children's Day' - I like the sound of that.. perhaps we should have that in New Zealand!

Geography of Turkey

240 year old Sweet Shop in Istanbul!

MAKE TURKISH DELIGHT | Microwave Version 

MAKE TURKISH DELIGHT | Authentic Turkish Delight

 Hoşçakal - [Goodbye in Turkish]



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