Day 10: Domestics

I love to help around the house. How do you help keep things tidy?
Think of all the ways you can help at home!

  • Dry the dishes or stack the dishwasher
  • Make your bed
  • Put your plate in the kitchen after you have used it
  • Pick your clothes up
  • Put your toys away
  • Replace the toilet roll if you have used the last piece! 
  • Help make dinner
  • Put away the laundry
  • Make your own snacks...BUT don't forget to tidy up after you!

How about making the BIG PEOPLE in your house some breakfast OR a cup of tea! They may want something stronger at the end of the day though!

It’s nice to have a tidy home… then you can have a little rest!

Making Chores Fun!


  • Mum of 15 - how to get your kids to do chores: Yes you heard me right... she has 15 children and she looks incredible! You would certainly have to be organised!

How to make Chores Fun!

Manaakitanga - [Goodbye in Maori]



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