Day 9: Kia Ora Dairy

Just got to race out to the local dairy - I forgot to get some flour for baking and for some reason the toilet paper is in short supply at the supermarket!


  • Did you know it was in the early 1900s (that's a very long time ago), that small shops known as ‘dairy produce sellers’ started popping up.
  • The local Dairy were the only stores in New Zealand allowed to sell milk, cream, cheese, butter and eggs, as well as being the only places allowed to operate on a Sunday. Can you imagine that?
  • Kiwis started to alter or change their own houses into food shops, selling items like confectionery or sweets. These were mainly known as ‘cash grocers’ - but after the 1930s, the word ‘Dairy’ was used when talking about small grocery stores.

Look at the picture of the OLD DAIRY!

Where would we be without our local Dairy! Do you go to your local Dairy? 

NEW WORD: Confectionery – another name for sweets or lollies.

Manaakitanga - [Goodbye in Maori



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