Day 7: Mexico

Buenos Dias from Mexico! Did you know Mexico has over 129 million people! That’s a lot of Mexican Waves!  Show me how you do the Mexican Wave.


Mexico City


  • Kids traditional Mexican Dance in colourful costumes


  • Mexican food is really yummy and sometimes spicy. Popular dishes include tacos, burritos and enchiladas. Have you tried Mexican food? What's your favourite?

Mexican Food for Kids from Tacos to Enchiladas to Guacolome! Mmmm I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!

Try making Mexican Rice!

  • In Mexico they have a drink called Tequila which is muy fuerte [very strong]. They often have a worm in the bottle....Ewwwwww - never eat a worm, that's just silly and very dangerous!

There is lots of colourful art in Mexico, one of my favourite artists is Frida Kahlo - she started painting when she was just 15! Do you like painting?

Here is Frida's story...

  • Projects for Kids inspired by Frida

I hope you’ve learnt a bit about Mexico. 

Adios [goodbye in Spanish!]



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