Day 4: Say a Little Prayer

Kia Ora, Gizmo here 

In these interesting times I thought it would be nice to say a little Thank You OR Prayer.
You may like to make up your own little prayer, story or rhyme. Here are a few ideas for you...

Thank you for Family - watch over my loved ones
Thank you for Play - help me to be happy and free
Thank you to Doctors & Nurses - for looking after sick people
Thank you to the Police - for protecting us at home
Thank you to People in Supermarkets, stocking shelves and making sure there is food for me to eat!
Thank you to the Shopkeeper at my local Dairy - for being open!
Thank you to Rubbish Collectors - for keeping our country clean and tidy!
Thank you for my Friends - I look forward to playing again with you soon
Thank you for my… [insert playcentre/school] - teach me to listen and learn
Thank you for Food and Rest - you give us lovely food and peaceful sleep
Thank you to Jacinda Ardern - for keeping us safe
Thank you for… [insert what you are thankful for]
Thank you for all these wonderful things

Thank you...

Check out this lovely song by Claire Ryann & her Dad. Claire was only 4 years old when she sang this. You’ve Got a Friend in Me



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